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A day with UNIQUE

Unique Shopping Experience offers different types of experiences, these can be of shopping, beauty, gastronomic or cultural.

All of them are unique and original, because they are designed exclusively for each client. Each experience is unique, just as each client is unique.

First of all, we need to know what kind of experience you want to enjoy, date and time to adapt to your availability. Then we will contact you by the way you prefer (email or telephone) to know all the necessary information to design your unique experience, taking into account your tastes, preferences and desires.

The chosen day to live the UNIQUE experience, we will pick you up at your home or hotel and you only must to be ready to enjoy and live a special day.

Our main objective is that your experience with us meets your expectations and you back home with a lot of good memories.

Reserve your experience, we are looking forward to meet you!

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